Drum Sets: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Kit

At some point or another…every person on Earth fantasizes about playing the drums.And yet it takes a rare and special individual to actually take that first step…
And do what’s necessary to turn that fantasy into a reality.Simply because of the many problems and headaches that inherently come with the instrument itself.

Section 1: First Drum Sets for Beginners

When shopping for their first drum set.One of the biggest mistakes beginners make is worrying about the minor details that don’t really matter.At least not for them…and not yet.So instead, here are the 4 MAJOR DETAILS you absolutely MUST consider to avoid making a dumb purchase:

Shell Packs vs Complete Drum Sets
Number of Pieces
Double vs Single Bass Drum
Shell Sizes

Section 2: Drum/Cymbal Upgrades

Once you’ve been playing drums for around 6 months to a year.you kinda begin to get a feel for it.You start wondering to yourself:What would I sound like, if only I had some better gear?At which point…you spend the next several years obsessed with drum equipment…endlessly searching the next upgrade to elevate your game.

Section 3: Hardware Upgrades

Aside from the elements of the drum kit that actually affect sound…There’s still the matter of the other parts that affect playability.And since the hardware included with “complete drum sets” is usually of marginal quality…
There’s still plenty of room for improvement by upgrading the following 4 items:

Drum Thrones
Bass Drum Pedals
Hi-Hat Stands
Racks and Stands

Drum Thrones

When you first start playing drums…You never really consider how important your chair might actually be.But it doesn’t take long at all to figure it out.Not only does a good drum throne makes playing 10x more comfortable…It also increases the precision and accuracy of your playing, because it is the foundation from which you base all your movements.

Bass Drum Pedals

Unlike most other musical instruments…Bass drums are unique in the fact that they are one of the very few played with the foot.And since your foot alone does not have the required dexterity…You rely heavily on the speed and precision of the bass drum pedal to play to your full potential.It’s effectively as much a part of you as your actual foot.

Hi-Hat Stands

Just like with bass drum pedals…Hi-hat stands are a uniquely important piece of hardware…Because they also function as an extension of your foot.The smoother the motion of its moving parts…the more potential you have to play faster, more intricate rhythms.But just like all “stock” hardware that comes included with complete drum set ups…The hi-hat stands usually aren’t that great, and there are way better options out there, if you’re willing to spend a little extra.Oddly enough, among all the major drum companies out there, it seems that for some reason, DW hi-hat stands are the most popular by far. Therefore, it is the only brand I will recommend in the links below.

Racks and Stands

With most drum gear, it doesn’t take long for a drummer to know whether he’s liking it or not.With drums and cymbals, you can tell after a few minutes of playing whether or not you like the sound.With bass drum pedals and hi-hats stands, you can tell after a few minutes of playing whether or not you like the feel.
However…With racks and stands, you typically need to use them for several weeks or months to really get a sense of how they perform over time.Which is why with this type of gear, the best way to ensure you’re making a wise purchase is to trust the word of other drummers who have owned and used the gear for extended periods.